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First Latina Candidate Seeks to Represent Nearly 1,000,000 in State Senate District 4


First Latina Candidate Seeks to Represent Nearly 1,000,000 in State Senate District 4


Sacramento, CA — Native Californian and State Commissioner Marie Alvarado-Gil has earned the support of one of the most influential organizations within the State Legislature composed of 30 members from both the Senate and Assembly. Marie Alvarado-Gil emerged in the top-two primary race and will move on to the general election on November 8th with the endorsement of the Latino Legislative Caucus.

One of the guiding principles of the Caucus is to increase diversity in State government and provide new role models by advancing qualified candidates from all parts of California.

“Marie Alvarado-Gil has an impressive history of overcoming adversity and advocating for the civil liberties of underrepresented groups. She has the ability to inspire more Latinas to run for local office in the district,” said Senator María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles), Chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus.

Latinos have continually sought to increase their political representation in all levels of government. However, it was not until the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s that Latinos were able to reap the benefits of their political organizing. As a result, the last three decades of the 20th century have been witness to the effects of Latino's increasing political power.

“My story goes back to when both my parents immigrated to this country from Mexico in the 1970s. Being American-born meant I was afforded the opportunity and liberties to achieve the California dream. Today, that dream has become increasingly more difficult for the working-class and family-owned businesses,” said Alvarado-Gil.

Senate District 4 is a 13-county area that covers the rural and mountainous region of the eastern boundaries of the state. The geographic area runs from Lake Tahoe in the north and down to Inyo County in the southeast.  The majority of the population are from Stanislaus County in the west. The District has over 20% of registered voters that identify as Latino.

“Nearly 20% of all Californians are Latina, or 1 in 5 people. The economic success of the entire state depends on prioritizing the success of Latinas and bringing our voices to Sacramento,” said Senator Durazo. 

As Senator, Marie Alvarado-Gil plans to work closely with The Unseen Latinas Initiative, a committee of the State Legislature that brings together educational and economic experts and Latinas working in a range of California industries to understand the problem that currently exists and eventually work toward intentional and targeted solutions.

“There are changing demographics in California and it is apparent that the issues affecting Latinos in my District are issues that affect all Californians,” said Alvarado-Gil.


Marie Alvarado-Gil lives in Jackson CA and is a registered Democrat.

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