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An Independent Thinker. Strategic. Pragmatic. Committed to Representation. 


Protect Your Money

  1. OPPOSE TAXES: I’ll never vote to raise taxes. I respect your paycheck. We pay enough already and government has to do more with what it has. That’s my message to Sacramento politicians trying to pick your pocket.
  2. INFLATION: We have to fix our supply chains, which starts by incentivizing businesses to stop using overseas suppliers and manufacturers, and return their operations to our state and country. It also means encouraging more job creation in trucking, ports, and warehouses to move goods out of ports and through our warehouses, roads and highways.
  3. GAS PRICES: The state can impact gas prices in a few important ways.  That means suspending California’s gas tax, sending tax rebates from the state surplus, and increasing domestic drilling (especially in the Central Valley) instead of relying on foreign imports

Keep You Safe

  1. FULL FUNDING FOR POLICE & FIRE: Radical agendas calling for defunding public safety services have no place in our community. I will never back down from making sure the people who keep us safe have the tools they need to do the job.
  2. WILDFIRE PREVENTION & SUPPRESSIONMy neighbors and I have been evacuated twice in the last 2 years. State government must invest more in fire prevention to keep our rural communities safe.
  3. JUSTICE FOR VICTIMSThe politicians seem more concerned for criminals than victims. This has to stop. I’ll introduce legislation to repeal Props 47 and 57, which put more criminals on the street and reduces punishments. If you do the crime, you’ll do the time if I’m elected.

Protect the Way of Life in the Sierra Mountain and Central Valley Regions

  1. REPRESENT OUR VALUES: Mountain and Valley community needs aren’t San Francisco’s. I’ll be a check against coastal politicians telling us how to live.
  2. WATER: Without a secure, predictable water supply for the agricultural sector that plays such a critical role in our community’s economy, our way of life will be threatened. I will push for more storage and less regulation so that we can protect and grow our water supplies.
  3. BETTER EDUCATION, MORE OPPORTUNITY: Rural residents who want to learn a trade or go to college usually have to leave home. That’s a drain on our future. State government should invest in creating more educational and small business opportunities in our communities. That will be my mission.

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